Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

Trust Funding

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority administers the mental health trust, a perpetual trust with a combination of cash and non-cash assets. These assets are invested on behalf of Trust beneficiaries.

Each year trustees make recommendations to the governor and the Legislature regarding expenditure of Trust income and other state funds to help pay for Alaska's Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program.


The Trust employs the expertise of several organizations to manage its assets. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation and the Department of Revenue Treasury Division manage cash assets and the Trust Land Office, within the Department of Natural Resources, manages the land and other non-cash assets. Revenue-generating uses of Trust land include land leasing and sales; commercial timber sales; mineral exploration and production; coal, oil and gas exploration and development; and sand, gravel and rock sales.  


The total amount available each year for trustees to allocate is a combination of the following:

  • Fund payout (4.25 percent of the total cash asset value of the trust fund)
  • Spendable income from land and non-cash assets
  • Interest income from cash investments
  • Any lapsed or unspent funds from the previous fiscal year

This funding system ensures a predictable and relatively constant cash flow from year to year.


The majority of The Trust's annual operating and capital budgets is spent in two areas:

  • Trust Focus Areas: expenditures are based on recommendations from the five focus area workgroups.
  • Programs: initiated by advisory boards through the annual Request for Recommendation process. (These expenditures are part of the Mental Health Budget Bill and must be approved by the Legislature.)

A portion of The Trust's annual budget is available for grants that are administered directly by The Trust. These grants are available for partnerships, small projects and mini-grant programs that assist beneficiaries. Authority grants are awarded at the discretion of trustees and are available to nonprofit organizations, service providers, tribal entities, governmental agencies, and other groups that serve Trust beneficiaries. See Grant Opportunities to learn more about the various grants, who is eligible, and the procedures for applying.

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