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Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority provides leadership in developing the state's Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program for Trust beneficiaries. Detailed elements of the program are included in the Alaska statutes.

The Trust and the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services jointly convene other state agencies, beneficiary advisory groups and key stakeholders to develop and revise a Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan. The plan is a tool that focuses the funds and programs of the state, The Trust and its partners in a way that is organized, effective and measurable. To ensure the plan is best suited to the needs of The Trust's beneficiary groups, it is reviewed and updated in five-year increments. 

"Moving Forward" is the Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan for 2006-2011. It looks at the current status of Trust beneficiaries and seeks to make changes in four areas: health, safety, quality of life and economic security. Data is used to show long-term changes and improvements in these four areas of Trust beneficiaries' lives. The plan also examines current service delivery systems and any service gaps that may exist. Finally, the plan is useful in indicating future avenues for further efforts.

The Alaska Scorecard: Key Issues Impacting Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiaries was researched and produced by a group of leaders and planners representing the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and related state agencies, boards and commissions. The scorecard focuses on selected indicators that disproportionately impact beneficiaries (or potential beneficiaries) of The Trust.

In 1996, the board of trustees adopted a set of guiding principles to influence the development of the Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan and Program, and the use of Trust funding to support these efforts. These principles are based on a common set of principles shared by The Trust's partner boards and state agencies and are reviewed annually.


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Moving Forward - Revised December 2008
Alaska's Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan for 2006-2011.

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